Wiz Khalifa: Facing A Lawsuit

Wiz Khalifa is now facing a lawsuit because one of the not so popular rappers by the name of Max Warren claims that Wiz Khalifa took the concept behind his song “Black & Yellow” from his 2007 track “Pink & Yellow”. Max Warren from Pennsylvania expects Wiz Khalifa to pay him $2,375,000.

Many debated throughout the web have been stating that Max is a no name rapper that has no chance at all at winning. Some feel this lawsuit is more hilarious than the one from the inmate who expected cash because he had the same name as Mike Rowe.

Also, Wiz Khalifa has just signed Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia to his label so he does not need this kind of pressure right now. But, from what I have ran across on the web a lot of people feel as though Max Warren is an “in the way hater”. This type of media can be both good and bad for Wiz Khalifa. This is because it can cause people who are unfamiliar with him to feel as though he feels as though he has done something that he is going to get away with. No one seems to be on Max Warren’s side as of yet so we will just have to wait and see where this lawsuit heads. Either Max Warren will back down or Wiz Khalifa will end up paying Max Warren half of the money that he has worked so hard to receive.

We will follow back up on this story at a later time.





Rumors, Rumors and More Rumors


There’s a lot to talk about as far the world of rap. We can talk about the albums that have dropped lately or the latest chart topping songs and albums. But within the past week or so there have been death rumors of some of the world’s best known icons.

One of those rumors followed five-time Grammy award winning female recording artist/ rapper Ms. Melissa Arniette Elliote also known as Missy Elliot or Misdemeanor was said to have died less than a week ago. Missy addressed and ended the rumor on her twitter, letting worried fans know she’s here.

The next performer that is said to have died close to 3 or 4 days ago is the greatly popular Todd Anthony Shaw better known as Too $hort. Fan was out raged about the rumor, but Mr. Too $hort  had assure and put many fans mind at ease by jokingly twitting “Stop calling my phone. I’m not dead. Been in the lab working on my 19th album #NoTrespassing in stores Feb 2012,” and “Are U serious? How did they say I died this time? And when did wikipidia & twitter become reliable news sources???” .

The Last Death rumor goes out to Mr. Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam, best known as Akon, who was pronounced died on January 30th, of the year 2008 due to a car crash, which was proved to be nothing more than another rumor.

I really don’t understand why people start death rumors of famous people, when all it does is help them in the long run. It doesn’t hurt them it just get their name out more and there music listened to, so why waste time on death rumors with no proof nor evidence.

The Loss of a Legend

  Dwight Myers, more popularly known as Heavy D was laid to rest on Friday, November 18 after passing on at the age of 44 due to complications from pneumonia, per family reports.  The homegoing services were held at Grace Baptist Church in Mount Vernon, New York.  Heavy D made Mount Vernon famous with his hit song Money Earnin' Mount Vernon early on in his career.

The church was filled to capacity with friends and family, both local and famous. Some of the famous attendees present to pay their last respects were Sean Diddy Combs, Will Smith, Al Sharpton, Usher, Queen Latifah, Rosie Perez and John Legend. There was even a letter of condolences sent from the Obama family.

Heavy D touched so many lives in so many different ways. He was very influential to the growth of the New Jack Swing rap movement in the late 80s and early 90s. Some of his more popular songs include Now that We Found Love and Nuttin' but Love. As people remembered him, his thoughtfulness and kindness were touched upon quite often.

Diddy talked about his positive influence and the fact that Heavy was a great friend to share all of his hopes and dreams with. The rap world has suffered a great loss. We will miss you Dwight Heavy D Myers and your legecy lives on through your music and your beautiul daughter.

A special fund has been set up for the financial aid of Heavy D's daughter, Xea Myers. Xea is 11 years old and you can learn more about the fund by visiting www.rememberheavyd.com.

Simon, Stop Lookin' at My Mom

The Astronomical Kid a.k.a. Astro has gained millions of fans at the tender age of 14.  He made his first television appearance last month as a contestant of the X Factor.  The X Factor is a talent competition that was created by ex Idol judge Simon Cowell.  The grand prize is a cool five million dollars to the winning act.  The show was quite an international success and is proving to be just as popular with the United States audience.

When Brian Bradley walked on the stage he was quickly scrutinized by the panel of judges whose first thoughts may have been regarding his young age and then his talent as a rapper. Astro confused the audience when he seemed to focus an attack on Simon.  His attention grabbing antics drew live and television audiences to the edges of their seats and  eventually on their feet as he performed his original song "Stop Looking  at My mom."

He has the air of an individual older that his 14 years.  He is mature and focused on what he wants to do and he is unwavering in he style that he has.  His stage presence is amazing and he is simply fun to watch.  He has fun on that stage.  I can only imagine that pressure that he may feel as he performs in from of millions every week and most importantly, his mom.

His lively performances made LA Reid's decision to push him into his top 12 easily.  He remains in the competition as the only rap act.  We wish you good luck Astro!  America loves you!

Kanye West Makes Appearance at Occupy Wall Street

Mixed in among the myriad protesters in New York yesterday was none other than Kanye West himself. While some might immediately be skeptical that such a move might be more of a publicity stunt than an act of solidarity, it doesn't seem like Kanye was in it for the attention. He refused to talk to the media and just walked with the rest of the protestors for a while. A pretty low-key, humble gesture of support, I'd say. And for the internet naysayers who argue he's too far up the tax brackets to genuinely participate in the protests? I don't know. I think Kanye knows he's lucky to have done so well in a system that was pitted against him from the start. It doesn't mean he can't sometimes enjoy the rewards of his own hard work. Just because you're part of the 1% financially doesn't mean you can't be a part of the 99% in spirit--just look at Warren Buffet. 

So good on Kanye, and best of luck to the rest of the Occupy Wall Street participants who continue to stick it out for the long haul against the corrupted powers that be. 

Check out a brief video of the rapper hanging out amidst the New York crowd below.


The Unheralded Greatness of Eminem


It’s been a rough week or so for me. I’d love to vent and go into details but this is not the place let’s face it; you don’t really want to hear it. So I do what I usually do when I’m down and need to be pumped up. I blast Eminem through my headphones for a good hour. Yeah, I can feel the fight enter my body. And as I did this it made me realize what’s always missed in articles about his popularity. Rap is prone to fads like all popular music.
An artist might seem unstoppable for two years only to fall off the face of the earth the next year. Not Eminem he’s been a top figure in rap over a decade. How does one account for this.
For one thing when he debuted he was the right rapper at the right time. Rap was inching into the mainstream; but it needed a catalyst to propel into the news and the pop charts. Enter Eminem with his great lyrical skill, shocking lyrics, and great beat from Dr. Dre. He was unstoppable. From 1999 to 2005 there wasn’t a bigger artist and when he made a genuine return in 2010 he regained the top spot like he hadn’t left.
That summer felt like a flashback to me. It was so strange to hear Eminem blasting out of every car that passed me on the street. It made me feel like I was back in high school. And again why has his popularity continue to last even with the ever changing landscape of music. Sure his lyrics tend to get him press but shock value doesn’t mean success. And for his lyrical skill while it is great there are hundreds of rappers you have never heard of them with brilliant lyrics. So that can’t be it completely. No, the reason his success has continued to last is because he is flawed.

Let me explain. The great artists connect on a level that has nothing to with musicianship. It’s not about authenticity. A subject far too many artists get hung up on; trying to prove they are just like us. No, what Eminem has done is become a reflection of us. He projects our struggles, our anger, and our frustrations. And better yet he shows us what it looks like to overcome it. And I believe that is what keeps bringing his audience back to him. He reminds us of us and in the same breath shows us what we can accomplish. And that’s why on a rough week you’ll find Eminem in rotation on my IPod because there is no better music to motivate yourself to. Its great therapy to hear someone vent your anger for you and at the same time motivates you to overcome it.

Shad - A Story No One Told

Most rappers don't accompany themselves on guitar while rapping, but Shad is a pro multitasker. Check out the slow, reflective, and awfully sad "A Story No One Told". 


Childish Gambino - "Freaks and Geeks"

Most folks probably know Donald Glover best as Troy on NBC's sleeper hit Community. He also performs as a solo rap artist under the name Childish Gambino. His single "Freaks and Geeks" stands as a fantastic intersection of hip hop and nerd culture. I don't believe I'd heard getting laid described in Batman mythology terms before but there you go. The video features Donald running around a warehouse like a hyperactive ten-year-old in a red hoodie. Great stuff all around.

MED - "Where I'm From" (Video)

MED seems like a guy whose been past over one too many times. This track isn't brand spanking new - there is a pending album, though. Everything from the production MED chooses to the vaguely soulsonic hook to his raps, it all works. Maybe it will commercially.